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  • How To Set Your Singer Booking Prices

    Step by Step Guide on Setting Singer Booking Prices One of the most important factors to being a successful indie artist are your booking events. After all, in order to be an indie artist and control your own career you have to have events you’re doing. In order for these events to work out and

  • Professional Songwriter Versus an Average One

    Simple But Powerful Tips to Go From Average to Professional Songwriter Being a songwriter is arguably one of the most important careers in the music business. It’s the meat to the music business due to the fact that it’s the position that creates the song. The songs are what everything revolves around. It’s what the

  • 10 Saving Tips to Finance Your Music Career

    Great Tips for Indie Artists on How to Finance Your Music Career As an independent artist in the music business it can be tough. At times it can be difficult and outright frustrating. You have to do twice the work. You have to build your own team. You have to make a name for yourself