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Amazing Pop Duet with Alan Smith. Available on Spotify. Listen Here

  • Top 10 Hit Songs of Motown Records

    Amazing Countdown of Top 10 Hit Songs of Motown Records In honor of Black History Month we wanted to celebrate the most successful black owned business of all time, Motown Records! Motown Records is a legendary record label that was started and owned by a black entrepreneur named Berry Gordy. His vision came to life

  • Black American Music: The Amazing History

    Celebrating the History and Legacy of Black American Music Whether you listen to Soul music, R&B music, Jazz or even Rock & Roll, you’re listening to Black American Music. The reality is all of these genres and many more were founded by Black American/ African Americans. Some of the genres may have evolved. A few

  • Music Theory Tips for Professional Songwriters

    Why Music Theory is Important for Professional Songwriters We all have that 1 song we’re absolutely in love with. Sometimes it’s a handful of songs we feel this way about. We simply can’t get enough of them. It’s almost like we’re addicted to them. The music, the harmony, the arrangement, the way the lyrics compliment