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    Understanding how music releases work for recording artists Have you ever had an album release you were excited for? Did you ever anticipate an album dropping from an artist you were a big fan of? More than likely you have. We all have for the most part. If we like the singer’s music. Or if

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    Learning Music Theory for All Artists – Part 2 To follow this post correctly be sure to read part 1 of our Learning Music Theory tutorial. In part 1 of our step by step guide on “Learning Music Theory for All Artists” we explained the basics. We explained the basics of music theory in a

  • Music Artist Tips: Connect Your Dream to Your 9-5

    Great Music Artist Tips on How To Blend Your Career with Your Day Job In this new age of indie artist popularity, one of the most important things is being able to generate income. Being able to generate income as an independent artist is a huge factor. Yes there are plenty of indie artist in