Date in Center City

Amazing Pop Duet with Alan Smith. Available on Spotify. Listen Here

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    Powerful Tips for Reading Music as a Professional Singer and Artist When you see your favorite singer performing. Or when you hear your favorite song on the radio, sheet music probably never crosses your mind. Like many you’re simply enjoying his or her voice and talent. When you do start to think about the singer’s

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    Understanding how music releases work for recording artists Have you ever had an album release you were excited for? Did you ever anticipate an album dropping from an artist you were a big fan of? More than likely you have. We all have for the most part. If we like the singer’s music. Or if

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    Breathing Techniques, Tips and Tricks for Professional Singers If you know anything about singing then you know breathing is extremely important. Singing is all about breathing. There are other mechanisms that come with singing. There’s the voice itself, pitch and mouth placement. However, at the root of all those factors is your breathing. How you