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    5 Steps Explaining How Artists Get Paid in the Modern Music Business As much as recording artists love making much. No matter how much his or her pursuit of music may be coming from the heart. The reality is, one of the most asked questions by many are, “how do I make money in the

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    Learn all about music theory and how to read music To follow this post correctly please be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2 of our Learning Music Theory Tutorial In part 1 and 2 of our tutorial on “Learning How to Read Music” we covered the basics. In part 1 we covered the

  • RnB Songwriter: How to Write an Amazing Hit Song

    How to Write a Timeless Hit as a RnB Songwriter Nothing beats a classic, timeless, amazing rnb hit song. No matter how many years go by or what’s the latest music trend rnb classics are a must. When you hear songs like “End of the Road” by Boyz to Men or “Pretty Brown Eyes” by