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  • Independent Artists Guide to Budgeting

    How To Not Go Broke Managing Your Career as an Independent Artist In this modern age of music and entertainment independent artists are very common. Years ago it was a rarity to find a music artist that was 100% independent. However, in this day and time not only is it common, many of them are

  • Selling Songs: How to Guide for Indie Songwriters

    Perfect Guide for Selling Songs as Indie Songwriter   If you’re an independent songwriter who’s interested in your music getting picked up then selling songs is definitely an priority of yours. Some songwriters write songs simply as a hobby. Some do it for his or her love of music. Some do it as a craft.

  • Music Song Splits: How They Work for Artists

    Song Splits: Step by Step Guide on How They Work If you’re an artist who’s very serious about your craft and being successful then you’ve probably heard of music song splits.  If you’re an established artist (whether independent or major) and actually released a song then I’m sure you’ve dealt with song splits on some level