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  • Music Theory 101: Learning for All Artists – Part 2

    Learning Music Theory for All Artists – Part 2 To follow this post correctly be sure to read part 1 of our Learning Music Theory tutorial. In part 1 of our step by step guide on “Learning Music Theory for All Artists” we explained the basics. We explained the basics of music theory in a

  • Music Theory 101: Learning for All Artists

    How Music Theory Work for Singers, Songwriters, Musicians and More No matter what type of artist you are, you’ve heard of the term music theory before. Whether you’re a singer, songwriter, producer, etc. I’m sure you heard of music theory.  You may not understand it. You may not know how it works. However, it’s a

  • Hit Songs Originally Written for Other Artists

    10 Hit Songs that Were Written for Another Artist How well do you know your favorite song? I don’t mean the lyrics and melody. How well do you really know your favorite song? Meaning the history behind your favorite song. Ever listen to your favorite song and wonder the history behind it? Do you wonder