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  • Top 20 Greatest Song Remakes of All Time

    Amazing, Greatest Song Remakes that Became Mega Hits Have you ever been listening to a song you completely love and found out it wasn’t original. Has someone ever told you ” you know that song is a remake.” You may have found it hard to believe for several reasons. The main reason being the version

  • Independent Songwriter 101: Amazing Tips for Success

    Step by Step Tips on How to Succeed as an Independent Songwriter As an independent songwriter you’re an artist too. You’re not someone who just writes for other artists or write lyrics for a singer to sing. As a mainstream or independent songwriter you have a brand and career you have to build. A lot

  • Amazing Songwriting Tips on How to Write a Hit

    5 Great Songwriting Tips on How to Write a Hit Song As a songwriter nothing is more important to you than writing a hit song. Being able to create a hit that the public will adore is literally your life line. It’s one thing to write a cute, personal song that no one will never