Piano Hip Hop Medley

Amazing Piano Hip Hop Medley performed by Songwriter, Pianist, Singer and Composer A'Ishah Songstress Watch Here



Get to know our clients


John Carr

Vocalist, Singer and  Songwriter John Carr is a very talented member of ASKM publishing and has

been apart of our family since 2011. John is strictly an independent artist who focuses on

singing soul and R&B. With gospel roots stemming from growing up in his hometown of Chester,

Pa John has music flowing through his veins. Some of his hits include Syrietta, Letters from jail,

Exclusively and Love.


Ms. Fatima

Songwriter and singer who goes by the name of Ms. Fatima is a Philadelphia native who’s been

apart of ASKM for 5 years. Although she initially started out soley songwriting with her beautiful,

sultry vocals it was clear she should be singing as well. Ms.Fatima is a R&B singer who some Urban

Pop tunes under her belt as well. Stay tuned for Ms. Fatima brand new album due for release

early next year of 2018.


J. Elliot

J. Elliot is a young, driven songwriter and guitarist who’s been with us since 2013. Attending Temple University, it was

only right he continue his musical experience in Philadelphia and join ASKM Publishing. Originally from Baltimore,

Maryland J. Elliot grew up in a musical family full of musicians and have always had a passion and love for music.

He learned how to play guitar by age 12. His love for writing songs began in high school when he realized his great

ability to combine thoughts and word patterns with catchy melodies.


Aishah Songstress

Recent new comer Aishah Songstess is a young, ambitious, enthusiastic songwriter, composer,

pianist and vocalist who also is a Chester, Pa native. Born and raised in the state of Pa all her life

she was more than excited to join the Philly team of ASKM. She’s been a passionate writer all her life

and wrote her first impressively structured song at the age of 13. She’s also a classically trained

vocalist who attended the Nelly Burman School of Music located in Ardmore, Pa.