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Jealousy – New R&B single waiting to climb the charts

By ASKM Publishing

R&B single Jealousy waiting for perfect recording artist


With the Billboard hot 100 charts and others alike currently playing mega-hits by mainstream artist is it possible for an independent single or song of an independent artist to make the cut. Even if the record has the potential, attraction and catchy melody is that all it takes. After all in the world of music entertainment many know star attraction plays a factor. You have to have a formula stronger than “it’s a good song” for a record to actually become a big hit. ASKM Publishing featured single titled Jealousy written by myself (A’Ishah Songstress) and produced by Khay Beatz definitely has potential. However, this R&B, hardcore haters anthem is currently being shopped on an indie level. Although we live in a day and time where independent music, artists and entertainment is at an all-time high there are still some disadvantages. With that being said this is one of the reasons why we’re shopping Jealousy to mainstream artist in an independent manner.


Khay Beatz (the producer of Jealousy) and myself believe this track has the potential to become the next R&B breakout single. We’re simply just waiting for the right R&B songstress to join forces with it. Jealousy is a strong, dominant piano based R&B song with hip hop origins that possess an universal appeal. Yes the title speaks for itself. The record is exactly about what you would imagine. After all everybody’s got “haters” right? Not only is the song topic itself a universal topic that will gather everyone’s attention. The melody, chords and lyrics will captivate you. When this mid-tempo single starts off with simple yet mesmerizing piano eighth notes melody you immediately feel suspense, intensity and passion. Then the chorus comes in clearly telling you to beware of snakes who are “jealous, hating and faking in your face.” The rest of the song truly speaks for itself.


So the question is who’s going to be the singing sensation that will take this song to the next level. The beat, lyrics and message already having a life of their own; the only thing missing is the star attraction to take the record into orbit. It can be anyone from a male to female vocalist. A household name singer or newcomer. A living legend to someone who took a few years off from recording. Either way Jealousy the R&B single is patiently waiting to be America’s next big anthem.


  • You can listen to a snippet of the R&B Single “Jealousy” by clicking this link here.



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