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  • Music Artist Tips: Connect Your Dream to Your 9-5

    Great Music Artist Tips on How To Blend Your Career with Your Day Job In this new age of indie artist popularity, one of the most important things is being able to generate income. Being able to generate income as an independent artist is a huge factor. Yes there are plenty of indie artist in

  • Indie Artist Tips: How to Handle Rejection

    Powerful Indie Artist Tips on How to Deal with Rejection Pursuing a career as an independent artist is hard work. Whether you plan on staying independent. Or even if you plan on going mainstream, it’s still a hard goal to accomplish. Even with the new age of social media and easier access to fame and

  • Amazing Breathing Techniques for Professional Singers

    Breathing Techniques, Tips and Tricks for Professional Singers If you know anything about singing then you know breathing is extremely important. Singing is all about breathing. There are other mechanisms that come with singing. There’s the voice itself, pitch and mouth placement. However, at the root of all those factors is your breathing. How you