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  • Music Publisher: How to Benefit Off Working With One

    Everything You Need to Know About a Music Publisher   If you’re an independent artist who writes your own song then you’re also a songwriter. If you’re only interested in writing for other artists then  you’re solely a songwriter. Regardless of which of these categories you fall into, if you have anything to do with

  • Music Song Splits: How They Work for Artists

    Song Splits: Step by Step Guide on How They Work If you’re an artist who’s very serious about your craft and being successful then you’ve probably heard of music song splits.  If you’re an established artist (whether independent or major) and actually released a song then I’m sure you’ve dealt with song splits on some level

  • Step by Step Guide to Understanding Mechanical Royalties

    Learn all about mechanical royalties and how they work for indie artists   Whether you are a mainstream, independent or inspiring artists you would want to get paid for your work. Most artists who pursue music do it for the art and because it’s his or her passion. That’s great. That’s how it should be.