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Amazing Pop Duet with Alan Smith. Available on Spotify. Listen Here

  • Music Publishing and Copyright: What’s the difference

    Understanding the Difference Between Music Publishing and Copyright   In the world of Music Publishing and Copyright there are plenty of terms, rules and regulations many have heard of.  To the average, everyday citizen who isn’t necessarily into the business side of music some of these terms may seem foreign. To one who is into

  • How to thrive as an Indie Music Publisher

    Indie Music Publisher Guide to Success When most people think of music publisher they think of some big-time fortune 500 company or they think of a millionaire man or woman walking working in Manhattan, NY in a fancy office on the 50th floor of a huge building. At least I know when I was younger

  • Music Publisher 101 for Indie Artists

    Become your own music publisher as an indie artist   Being your own boss, an entrepreneur and taking control of your own career is more popular now that it ever was before. This is true and accurate for any industry. However, in the music industry being your own boss and being independent has not only