Date in Center City

Amazing Pop Duet with Alan Smith. Available on Spotify. Listen Here

  • What is Music Publishing

    Music Publishing and How it Works   If you’re an artist especially an independent one I’m sure you run into people who give you a word of advice soon as they find out you’re in the entertainment business. Everyone wants to be an expert. Even people who aren’t necessary in the field you are pursuing

  • Jealousy – New R&B single waiting to climb the charts

    R&B single Jealousy waiting for perfect recording artist With the Billboard hot 100 charts and others alike currently playing mega-hits by mainstream artist is it possible for an independent single or song of an independent artist to make the cut. Even if the record has the potential, attraction and catchy melody is that all it

  • ASKM Publishing launched by A’Ishah Songstress

    Songwriter,Composer and Music Publisher Aishah Songstress launches ASKM Publishing Site   ASKM Publishing has been an established publishing company and ASCAP affiliated entity since 2009. Founded  by songwriter, composer, pianist, vocalist and music publisher A’Ishah Songstress; the site has to be relaunched due to some technical difficulties. During the time of the revamp I’ve been