Independent music publisher, songwriter, composer, pianist and author A’Ishah Songstress



ASKM Publishing is an independent music publishing company, started and founded in June 2009. It’s an ASCAP affiliated music publishing company owned and operated by independent music publisher A’Ishah Karriem aka A’Ishah Songstress. ASKM Publishing specializes in artist ownership and creative control. The primary genres we focus on are R&B, Hip Hop, Soul and Urban Pop. However, ASKM is open to representing and working with all songwriters, composers and artists of all genres.

I, A’Ishah Songstress am more than just an independent music publisher. I’m a songwriter, composer, pianist, vocalist, author, music historian and artist myself. I’ve been singing since 9 years old. I’ve been writing songs since I was 13 years old, which is the same year I decided to start studying the business side of music. I’m also a classically trained vocalist, although R&B music is my 1st love. I’ve been classically trained since 16 years old. The same age I learned music theory and started to compose music.

One of the main reasons I decided to get into music publishing and start my own company was due to the constant “no’s” I was receiving from established industry producers and managers when I would shop my demos. I noticed as long as I was viewed as an unknown songwriter and singer I would never make any progress.  So I  soon decided to join ASCAP, learn the business side of the industry and start a brand and company where my music would speak for itself, while also inspiring others.

My vision at ASKM Publishing is to enable other songwriters, composers and artists with the proper tools and resources to prosper. This includes behind and in front of the scenes within the music industry. Although I advocate for being an independent music artist and controlling your own career, this also includes mainstream success.