ASKM Publishing launched by A’Ishah Songstress

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Songwriter,Composer and Music Publisher Aishah Songstress launches ASKM Publishing Site


music publishing siteASKM Publishing has been an established publishing company and ASCAP affiliated entity since 2009. Founded ┬áby songwriter, composer, pianist, vocalist and music publisher A’Ishah Songstress; the site has to be relaunched due to some technical difficulties. During the time of the revamp I’ve been working with some amazing indie artists such as John Carr, Al of Philadelphia, Nasirah and more. I’ve also been shopping great song material to mainstream artists and their management. While these various tasks appear very promising and exciting, I’m ecstatic about relaunching the site for ASKM Publishing. I want viewers to truly grasp my passion, art, hard work and talent as a songwriter, publisher, composer and artist myself.

Here at ASKM I do more than the standard music publishing tasks. I work with artists on an interpersonal level, I go above and beyond to protect every participant involved artists’ rights and I strive to build a legacy. One of the main reasons ASKM Publishing stands out and differs from standard publishing companies is due to my idea to incorporate my artist abilities into my journey as a music publisher. ASKM Publishing is like one big music factory with all the major elements that make up the joyful and business side of music. One gets to experience the tedious business side in regards to licensing, publishing, agreements, etc. While on the other hand you can still experience the magic of being an artist with my in-house studio sessions, songwriting sessions, networking events, collaborating with musicians and more.

While browsing the ASKM site please feel free to listen to my latest playlist which features singles that are currently being shopped to some amazing artists. Also look out for my future weekly articles giving you great publishing advice, songwriting tips, artists protection guidance and highlighting some talented singers and rappers that are doing big things.


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