Piano Lessons and Music Theory Courses

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Learn how to play the piano and keyboard professionally with amazing piano lessons taught by A’Ishah Songstress. Great for children and adults. You can learn how to play at any age and advance to any level. With these powerful and dynamic lessons you will understand the foundation to playing the piano. If you already know how to play and would like to grow these lessons are perfect for you as well. They come with great techniques that allow you to advance to the next level. You can sign up for in-person (with social distancing) or virtual/ online piano lessons. Professional music theory courses are also available for all musicians and artists. Learn the proper way to write and compose a song with exclusive songwriting/ music theory lessons. You can also learn the business side to music with my skilled music industry courses. To get started feel free to contact me anytime below via email, phone or text.


Get online and virtual piano lessons that will allow you to play professionally.

Virtual piano lessons are available for children and adults. No need to worry about not being able to have productive lessons due to the sessions being online. With virtual lessons you still get the same amount of attentiveness, care and coaching. All of my virtual piano lessons can be completed via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime and/or Facebook Messenger. This option is great for those who don’t live local to me or those who aren’t comfortable with in-person lessons due to the pandemic. Either way I would love to have you.


Get professional in-person piano lessons guaranteed to make you a great musician.

In-person piano lessons (with social distancing) are also available for children and adults. Just like with my virtual lessons, during my in-person lessons you receive attentiveness, care and coaching guaranteed to make you a great musician. I have tremendous amounts of skills and techniques that are proven to help you succeed. One of the best attributes about my lessons is my ability to teach anyone no matter their skill level, age or initial difficulties. This option is great for those local to the Chester/ Philadelphia, Pa area.

*In order to participate in in-person lessons must be willing to wear a mask during each session.


  • Piano Lessons
  • Music Theory 101
  • Music Theory Advanced
  • Songwriting and Composing
  • Music Business 101


  • 1 hour Lesson – $50
  • 45 Minute Lesson – $35
  • 30 Minute Lesson – $25 (suggested for smaller children; between ages 4-9 years old for piano)


  • What’s the youngest age a child can be to start taking piano lessons with you?  – The youngest age I start at is 4 years old. For children this young I suggest the 30 minute piano lessons. However, for your child to be able to start piano lessons he or she would have to know the their ABC’s (at least the letters A-G) and how to count up to the number 20. He or she would also need to know the difference between their left and right hand.
  • What’s the oldest age a person can be to learn piano? – The great thing about learning to play the piano and any instrument is that you can start at any age. Ideally, the younger you learn any skill the better. However, you can learn and become a student at any age.
  • How long will it take before I can play fluently? – Like most skills the time to master it varies. It truly depends on how much time you invest into practicing and how often you apply your learned techniques. However, the average amount ranges from 1-3 years. Also keep in mind the more advanced you want to play any instrument the higher number of years it’ll take. For example to advance to a phenomenal level such as Stevie Wonder or Alicia Keys will usually take longer than 3 years.
  • Does it matter what genre of music I want to play to take any of your courses? – No it doesn’t. The amazing thing about music theory and learning to play piano is the fact that the foundation is universal and applies to all music genres. Once you learn the foundation you can apply it to whatever style of music you wish.
  • Will I learn just as much taking virtual classes as I would taking in-person classes? – Yes, the virtual classes are just as effective, professional and attentive as the in-person classes. You receive the same amount of references, work books, sheets and more. I also supply you with several reference videos you can watch and study.


A’Ishah Songstress aka A’Ishah Karriem